Friday, April 3, 2009

Job Loss ? 5 ways to recession proof your job.

1. Save Money:
It is the only and the best way to survive in worst time like this, so try to save your money and make 20% investment in short term investments so that in need you can liquidate you money quickly and rest 80% in long term investment be careful while investing because invest the big chunk in government sponsered schemes only eg. fixed diposits, mutual funds etc. otherwise in times like this value of you money will be much less then you have invested.

2. Break your credit card into multiple pieces, throw away your credit card in to dust bin and call your bank account customer care executive to close account, becouse credit card could make our life worst due to compoudedness of its interest.
3.Get away from Loans.
4. Buy all goods you use at a time for 1 month or year so that you can get discount.
5. Keep contant track and look at your budget.