Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celebrating Market or Festivals

Now a days celebrating or enjoying festivals are defined or measured with the buying or purchasing capacity of an individual or the family. Like Diwali means buying lots of electronic gadgets, costly utensils, purchasing gifts for friends, relatives and family members. The more one buys means the more one can enjoy and celebrate. The values of the families is prioritized least. For example if you ask some one before Diwali or any other big festival that how he or she is planning to celebrate this festival this time the answer would be that he would purchase a new car, house, blah.. blah.. Of course we do this for our family but we don't talk about togetherness or enjoying moments with the family or doing something for the social cause. A few days back my friend told me the incidence when his child insists him to purchase iPad for him this Diwali, and when he denied then the kid warn him that he will neither celebrate Diwali nor let him enjoy or celebrate the Diwali (ha.. ha..) I remembered the earlier days when we demand for crackers and sweets and sometimes for new clothes during these festivals. but now the time has changed forever. Now market have taken the axel in it's hand and it decides the way we should enjoy and celebrate our festivals. Lets take an example of New Year, although it's just an end of an year and beginning of a new year, as a matter of fact it is just a change of a date in the calendar. but see how market create a cluster and cloud over our eyes that we celebrate or enjoyed it as if we have added one more year to our life or we have achieved some thing wonderful. And it is not a secret that how this illusion and cluster of imaginative clouds are spread over the heads and minds of our society is spread. Market does it through advertising and marketing. We should understand this and make a habit to save for the future rather then just spending and try to buy even that we didn't need, and should understand that Market is for Us and we are not for the Market.
Mayank Nagar

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